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Great Horizon Contractors is a full-service design/construction firm based in South Florida, we knows what is needed to have a successful project and we work hard to completely meet the client's criteria.

Our "one stop shopping" philosophy, is for simplify the construction process, with just one visit we take care of all your project, we deal with the architects, building department, inspectors and all contractors required to make your project that includes electrical, mechanical and plumbing. The owner just deal with us and we take care of all the project from design up to certificate of occupation.

Great Horizon Contractors has a thorough understanding of the latest construction techniques and technologies, and uses state-of-the-art computer systems and software necessary to plan and manage all phases of the construction process. The company's in-house capabilities include estimating, budgeting, scheduling, cost analysis, value engineering, financial controls, permit expediting, MEP systems construction and design support, construction drawings management, and complete project management. 

Great Horizon Contractors is a licensed and insured company with all certificates that are required to build and remodel in the whole Florida State.

The CEO are two Civil Engineers with more than 16 years of experience in all kind of construction & megaconstructions like tunnels, bridges, expressway, multistory buildings, etc.

Great Horizon Contractors Corp.

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